Instructor Rhonda Conn-Parent

RhondaRhonda Conn-Parent

Instructor / Founder & Previous Owner

Greetings! My name is Rhonda Conn-Parent. I founded Studio 101 and am in the process of selling it to Marcie; HOWEVER, I am still teaching at the studio!

I am a certified Art Specialist, meaning I am state (both in Texas and Colorado) certified to teach Kindergarten thru 12th grade. I have been teaching for over 20 years in Texas, Colorado, and Paris, France, in public, private and charter schools. For 6 of those years I taught private fine art lessons to children out of my home on the West Side. The demand grew and we moved to Old Colorado City 14 years later!

Studio 101 has become a mecca for young artists. I believe the Studio offers an environment that nurtures the mind and soul of the artist-self. The programs offered at the Studio maintain the integrity of classic training in fine art techniques. But there is another side to the coin. My program also serves my “big picture” approach and honors the journey of the holistic development of the  artist-self – the mind, the soul, the courage of the artist by giving the young artist freedom and self-guided practice at a variety of open centers. With this approach, I believe that the artist-self, that exists in every one of us, can breath and grow through life and find its way, not just in front of a canvas, but in everyday steps. A Studio 101 artist can understand that their creative experience goes beyond the holding of the brush or the mark on the paper. With each step they take, creative endeavor is possible and there for their taking. In their studies, their other extra-curricular activities, their friendships – their journey is one blank canvas ready for the strokes to be made with joy, respect and their own voice.

I  approach teaching art as teaching an element of “intellect”, both emotional and academic. Visual learning is a requirement in the development of the 21st century learner. And a strong fine arts curriculum that balances freedom and structure can meet the needs of this awesome generation. I am fulfilling my dream of meeting this need of children in our community. My goal is simple: to offer a fantastic learning experience that will enhance skills, result in achievement and be FUN! FUN! FUN!

Art production, appreciation, history and techniques are key elements to my curriculum. I sprinkle in other disciplines such as reading, drama, math, science, and social studies into my units. Art prints, sculptures and other learning prompts are used to enrich a child’s understanding and appreciation for art. Use of diverse materials and demonstrations of various techniques are also a big part of a child’s experience at Studio 101.

I also believe that through art, we can positively impact the community. In addition to an annual art show, a field trip and meeting local artists, I have developed ART WITH A HEART:  an opportunity for children  to experience how their art work can positively impact their community. In the past my students have taught workshops to the elderly and disabled, established an art gallery in Memorial Hospital, exhibited art in the Pikes Peak Library District, designed and sold calendars for Dream Powers and so much more.

I see teaching as my “calling”, passionately love what I do and consider Studio 101 as a truly positive and powerful experience for any child and parent involved. It has been an honor to be part of such a magical journey.

I also hire instructors who can dream and apply the work ethic to carry out those dreams they have when working with children knowing their potential and needs to develop through love and knowledge. You will read below their impressive credentials and abilities and most of their love for working with kids!

Read Art students complete mural to help community. Rhonda received the “Teachers First Award”.

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